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Developing the strategy to accomplish the success

Experts in guiding steps towards successful business expansion

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Developing the strategy to accomplish the success

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Are you ready to go global?

For all the right reasons, many businesses are considering the opportunity of expanding to other parts of the world. There are many considerations in safely and effectively expanding a regional business to other parts of the world.



What are the risks?

  1. Increased costs,
  2. The need to meet foreign regulations and standards,
  3. Cash flow woes due to delayed methods of payment and
  4. Operational complexity, and
  5. Failure to understand local business norms and customs, to name just a few.


Why expand globally?

  1. Faster growth,
  2. Access to cheaper inputs (raw materials and labor),
  3. New market opportunities from a vastly bigger customer base, and
  4. Diversification—less vulnerability to changes or events in specific regions when the company isdealing with a number of regions of the world.
Cahill-Caizzone & Associates is a professional firm operating at an international level and provides its own clients with business, tax and legal consultancy services.
Our main goal is to furnish our clients with a complete and cost effective service thanks to the experience and skills of the professionals who distinguish our team.
We invite you to review our website or to contact us for more details on the services we provide.

Cahill-Caizzone & Associates provides its clients with the following high quality services Specific consultancy: Incorporation of new companies and corporate planning (start-up and development); Social security and assistance in labour […]

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Our people

 Directors: Edmond Cahill Started his career in 1990 with a medium sized accountancy firm. In 1992 he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and became a Registered Auditor in 1996. In […]

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Our offices

At Cahill – Caizzone & Associates we work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients needs.     Ireland Riverbank, Kells Business Park, Kells, Co Meath, Ireland Tel: […]

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  2015 Ireland. Income tax halved for research and development The Irish government has planned to introduce a favorable tax regime, known as “Knowledge development box”, providing for a 6.25% […]

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Ireland Irish Revenue Commissioners Irish Stock Exchange Central Bank of Ireland   Italy   Italian Revenue Bank of Italy Italian Stock Exchange Italian National […]

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